Lizard Yachts Tin Can Bay

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About us

A bit of History

The 13M Aluminium concept boat (LIZARD OF OZ) was drawn up and built by Peter Kerr in 1992 for extensive cruising on the east coast of OZ. Three years later after much interest from the yachting fraternity, Pete decided to market his aluminium design as a KERR 13 metre.

From then on Lizard Yachts have built a number of aluminium sailing catamarans ranging from the 13M standard design to the 14.25M and 15M full survey designs. These Cats are now working in Charter in many ports.      

During the last few years, Lizard Yachts have Designed and built 9.5m and 11M strip plank cedar/epoxy sailing cats. Then designed a 7.2M Displaneing Power Cat to prove our Power cat under water shape is acceptable with Low power motors. From this Proven design Lizard Yachts have then designed and built a 7.8M then a 12M Displaneing Power Cat.

All of these designs I have passed for survey work to the 2C USL code.

Our Factory is situated at Tin Can Bay on the beautiful Fraser Coast. For more information regarding any of our products or any questions you may have, please contact us.